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Using the power of your mind and heart, imagine the feeling of what it would be like see balance, harmony and peace restored to our planet. That is the most powerful contribution you can make on a daily basis. It is not necessary to be able to predict all the steps as to how this will happen. Just imagine the end result you desire and hold onto that in your mind and heart. Feel it, meditate on it, imagine it, write about it! It has been described by the ancients and now even science is finding ways to measure this energy behind our thoughts, feelings and intentions. Use that power to create a new world!

Here are some resources that describe how to tap into this ability to shape our future!


The Secret Movie

was featured on Oprah and is a great introduction to getting in touch with how “a feeling” is the way to creating your reality. This knowledge has been used by some of the greatest thinkers, inventors, and most successful people for centuries.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s

works including The Power of Intention provide an compelling explanation of how it is possible to create our future as a result of where we focus our thoughts, words and feelings.

Success Consciousness

website offers many books and resources about how to use visualization and meditation to shape your future.

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