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Cleaning Up Air Pollution

It is remarkable the technologies that are emerging to intercept industrial air pollution and minimize and even neutralize it.

Here is an Overview that includes the major ways that emissions can be reduced and technologies available to support those efforts.


When it comes to air pollution

the good news is that environmental measures and New Technologies have made air cleaner in many countries in recent decades. Still worldwide, the atmosphere over cities is still smoggy, more areas are urbanizing, and the number of cars is increasing. While there is no single magic bullet, a number of technologies might help keep air clean in the future. Explore them here.


Industrial Environmental Carbon (IEC)

has developed innovative Filter and Collection Technologies to mitigate combustion gases emitted from motor transport, electric generators, flue gas, and traffic tunnel exhaust.

Another amazing air pollution mitigation technology

developed by Advanced CleanupTechnologies, Inc. is essentially a Large Arm that Reaches Out and Places a Bonnet over the Smoke Stack of an idling ship or train. It sucks the exhaust into a system that filters out 95 percent to 99 percent of the harmful sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter.

At the same time, there are many things we can personally do that add up! Here are some ways that You Can Make a Difference!

Forest Restoration

Rainforests Are More Efficient at Capturing Carbon! Australian scientists researching environmental restoration projects have found that the reforestation of damaged rainforests is more efficient at capturing carbon than controversial softwood monoculture plantations. The research, published in Ecological Management & Restoration, challenges traditional views on the efficiency of industrial monoculture plantations.

Five Successful Global Forest Restoration Projects!

With that loss of forests, we lose the ecological services on which we all depend… and many of the world’s poorest people suffer from the inability to grow food on degraded land. Fortunately, the UN General Assembly isn’t the only organization taking a look at the state of the world’s forests: governments, NGOs, and even for-profit companies recognize the environmental and economic losses caused by deforestation, and are working to restore the health of these important ecosystems. Over past decades, a number of reforestation projects around the world have succeeded in bringing forests back to life and health.

Cleaning Up Water Pollution

Mother Nature is coming to the rescue to filter contaminants in our water bodies! ….With Seaweed to remove sewage and other biological waste…

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

A bacterium, isolated from sewer sludge by Cornell University scientists, is pointing the way to better water-pollution cleanup strategies.

Sophisticated Nanotechnology

is also showing promise in cleaning up groundwater!

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